Thursday 29 May 2014

Welcome to the genomics core blog

This is the welcome post for a new venture in the genomics core at the Cancer Research UK Cambridge Institute. This blog will be written by the members of the lab and is likely to focus on new technologies, interesting publications, tweaks to methods and anything else that takes our interest that we think you'll enjoy reading about.

We're writing it for users of our core lab but would be happy to get comments back from anyone that finds the content useful. I've been blogging personally for a couple of years now and have persuaded my group that it is something they will enjoy, and that won't take up too much time. I'll report back in year if it's worked out as we hope it will!

You'll get posts from:
  • James Hadfield - Core Facility Manager
  • Sarah Leigh-Brown - Core Facility Deputy
  • Michelle Pugh - Senior Scientific Officer
  • Hannah Haydon - Scientific Officer
  • Fatimah Bowater - Scientific Officer
  • Rosalind Launchbury - Scientific Officer